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How to remove vinyl stickers and decals

What you will need:

Heat Gun or Hair Dryer

Turpentine or some sort of goo remover

A couple of rags

6 pack of your favorite beer


  • Open the beer & apply the contents liberally to the surface of your mouth.

  • Using the heat gun / hair dryer, heat the surface until it is hot to touch, CAUTION: Be careful not to burn or melt the surface.

  • For painted surfaces peel off the vinyl stickers with fingers.

  • For glass surfaces a razor blade scraper can be used to remove the vinyl.

  • Once the vinyl has been removed, you can apply your turps or goo remover to the remaining glue CAUTION: Be sure that the product you are using is suitable for the surface you are applying it to, you don't want to end up stripping paint off! - Turpentine is suitable for most painted surfaces, but its always a good idea to test it on a small area if you are unsure.....

  • The best technique for glue removal is to continuously dab on the turps or goo remover allowing it to soak into the glue, after a while the glue will start turning gelatinous, it can then be scraped or rubbed off.

  • Clean up and finish your beers!